Video Craftsman

Traditional Cinema & Virtual Reality


Videography Services

     We will begin with your goals and vision. Even a vague idea can be hammered out. I will then use my training and experience to bring your project through all steps of production:

     • Developing / Screenwriting / Storyboarding

     • Location Scouting / Licensing

     • Casting & Crew Assembly

     • Stage Design, Blocking & Lighting

     • HD Cinematography in Traditional Video or 360 VR

     • Post Production with Advanced Editing Software

     • Private delivery for review

     • Changes based on feedback

     • Public Premiere of the video!



BFA in Directing Motion Pictures

Training & Experience in every stage of the process from Pre-production development to final delivery. 

I will gather cast and crew for larger projects and have an emphasis in the following skills:

Aerial Drones


Combat Cinematography

360º Virtual Reality

Digital Cinematography


Trapcode Suite

Book Publication

3D Printing

Element 3D


Media Management

Open Broadcasting

Location Scouting

Deane Carstensen California Bay Area Videographer Editor

Boston, USA

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