Video Craftsman

Traditional Cinema & Virtual Reality


Videography Services

     We will begin with your goals and vision. Even a vague idea can be hammered out. I will then use my training and experience to bring your project through all steps of production:

     • Developing / Screenwriting / Storyboarding

     • Location Scouting / Licensing

     • Casting & Crew Assembly

     • Stage Design, Blocking & Lighting

     • HD Cinematography in Traditional Video or 360 VR

     • Post Production with Advanced Editing Software

     • Private delivery for review

     • Changes based on feedback

     • Public Premiere of the video!



BFA in Directing Motion Pictures

Training & Experience in every stage of the process from Pre-production development to final delivery. 

I will gather cast and crew for larger projects and have an emphasis in the following skills:

Open Broadcasting


Aerial Drones


Location Scouting

Media Management

Book Publication

3D Printing

360º Virtual Reality

Digital Cinematography


Deane Carstensen California Bay Area Videographer Editor

Boston, USA

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