My name is Deane Dykes Carstensen and I am a video craftsman with a foundation in action cinematography and kinetic montage edits. I grew up in the New England region, USA. There I discovered the sport of paintball at the same time as I got interested in cameras. I loved working with the action packed content. Capturing and editing tournaments lead to jobs recording lacrosse, football, basketball, baseball and others. When it came time for college I went to San Francisco and graduated in 2017 with a BFA in Directing Motion Pictures.


My knowledge of HD digital production comes from years of training and practice with various video technology. Everything can be covered including Preproduction, Lighting, Directing, Cinematography, and Editing. I have recently become immersed in VR technology by creating 360 video. I use my skills to develop high energy videos, scenic panoramas, corporate productions, narrative shorts, and more. I hope to continue covering a wide variety of video projects and am eager to help bring yours to a new height!

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Deane Carstensen California Bay Area Videographer Editor

Boston, USA

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